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Frequently Asked Question’s


  • What do I do about aging skin?

    • Start using products to protect, correct and prevent aging concerns for your skin. Add to your skincare regime a good exfoliant, and antioxidant serum to battle free radical damage which is what causes aging and a treatment cream or serum to help correct any signs of aging. Such as a retinol .5% or 1% , a vitamin C serum or products to reduce pigmentation.


  • What do I do about sagging skin?

    • Exfoliate and nourish. Exfoliation is key for renewing the plumper skin cells to the surface of your skin faster. There are scrubs, AHA , lactic acid, glycolic acids and a variety of enzymes and retinols you can use regularly. If you mask 1-3 times a week it will help drive those nutrients in your skin that it needs to plump up your collagen and elastin levels and help lift sagging skin.

  • How can i get rid of fine lines/wrinkles?

    • A lot of times dehydration is the culprit for fine lines and as soon as your skin is rehydrated all of those fine lines will instantly disappear. Add a skin hydrating booster serum and a hydrating gel mask for 10 min. Wash off and spritz a hydrating mist to trap moisture under the moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated and follow with a moisturizer and sunscreen. For non surface and deeper wrinkles add a retinol, antioxidant serum like Skinceuticals CE ferulic and a vitamin c serum like Dermalogica’s multivitamin serum.

  • How to get rid of breakouts/acne?

    • There are several causes of acne and breakouts. So it is hard to determine what will help each client. We have had the most success with 90% of our acne clientele when they started using Dermalogica's Clear Start system. It is designed not only to exfoliate but also reduce inflammation and kill bacteria It is hydrating, gentle but at the same time most effective for getting rid of breakouts, preventing breakouts while still maintaining the barrier of your skin and hydration levels.

  • How to get rid of dark spots/ pigmentation/sun damage?

    • Lactic acid exfoliant or a retinol cream on a regular weekly basis, followed by daily use of Skinceuticals Phloretin CF antioxidant serum and a good corrective cream to help reverse the pigmentation at the cellular level as well as lighten the current pigmented cells. Like Dermalogica’s C12 Concentrate.

  • What do I do to help Roseacea?

    • Roseacea skin is very inflamed most of the time and sensitive to products and the environment due to a compromised barrier layer of their skin. The best things to do is to make sure you don’t add any heat only lukewarm or cool water to wash with, a calming hydrating serum like Dermalogica’s Ultracalming serum, products with no artificial fragrances but essential oils like lavender is very beneficial. Anything to help strengthen your skins natural barrier and hydrate is good like Dermalogica’s Barrier Repair. Sunblock is also essential as long as it isn’t chemical based. A good physical sunscreen with zinc oxide.

  • What products should I use for dry skin?

    • Dry skin types usually lack emollients more than hydration and sometimes both. Best to use a creamy cleanser, a hydrating mist and some type of exfoliant and a heavy duty moisturizer like Dermalogica super rich repair or Skinceuticals triple lipid repair.

  • What do I do to help oily skin?

    • Oily skin types still need moisturizer and a hydrating toner. If they don’t use moisturizer their skin will overcompensate and produce more oil. A clay type cleanser or mask helps reduce oiliness like Dermalogica’s Dermal clay cleanser and Charcoal mask. A good oil free moisturizer and a good oil mattifying product like Dermalogica’s Clearing mattifier really helps reduce oil production throughout the day.

  • What is the best eye cream?

    • There are so many options for eye creams but it is essential for anti-aging and aging prevention. Depending on your needs there are creams for firming, puffiness, dark circles and for fine lines and wrinkles. If you want an eye cream that does it all I highly recommend SkinCeuticals A.G.E. eye complex. They also have a under eye antioxidant to apply under your eye cream to prevent free radical damage Called AOX eye gel.

  • What is the best Nighttime moisturizer?

    • I have a few recommendations for nighttime moisturizer try Dermalogica’s Super Rich Repair, or BioElements sleepwear or SkinCeuticals has one called renew overnight for oily or dry skin.

  • What is the best overnight treatment?

    • My most favorite overnight treatment is SkinCeuticals Resveratrol BE it is an overnight antioxidant serum that transforms your skin in one use in the morning. If you also use a retinol use the retinol first and then apply the Resveratrol BE and then your nighttime moisturizer.  

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