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Its never to late or early to start skin care

Full age smart line

Knowing what skin care products to use can be confusing. That is why Dermalogica has a full line of anti aging skin care products to fit everyone's needs.. from dry to oily skin . healthy skin A pro-active approach, whether you’re 13 or 60, is how healthy skin remains beautiful skin. Follow these tips from Annet King, Director of Global Education for The International Dermal Institute and skin health powerhouse at any age Dermalogica! 20s 30s 50s 40s daily routine • An oil-based precleanser to lift make-up and debris, followed by either a soap-free gel cleanser (or anti-bacterial wash if you are acne-prone). • Apply a sunscreen of SPF15 every day to keep sun damage at a minimum and prevent hyperpigmentation (age spots). • Shield against dryness lines with a silicone-based eye treatment. • Select a clay-based purifying masque for troublesome breakouts. Apply all over or spot treat as needed. see a pro Go for a 20-minute deep-cleansing treatment to keep skin clear! daily routine • Switch to a cream cleanser as oil production slows in your 30s. • Use a hydrating, antioxidant vitamin toner and moisturizer infused with peptides. • Apply a sunscreen of SPF30 every day, and perform gentle exfoliation every day to increase cell renewal and brightening. • Address lines around the eyes with a vitamin, silicone-based eye treatment. see a pro Start a professional treatment regimen every 4 to 6 weeks for skin health maintenance. Pair with a deep tissue massage to help relieve stress! daily routine • Replenish lipids with a cream cleanser and a hydrating and cooling mist. • Choose an emollient moisturizer with Vitamin E to shield and soften, polypeptides to stimulate collagen and Retinol to reverse skin aging. • Add a nighttime replenishing serum with peptides. • Show extra care to hands with a moisturizing Retinol hand moisturizer. see a pro Request treatments that nourish and regenerate cells with warm oils, firming masques and acupressure. daily routine • AM: switch to a two-in-one exfoliating cleanser that resurfaces. PM: use a cream cleanser that soothes and moisturizes. • Combat wrinkles, dehydration and sensitivity with a heavier-weight moisturizer containing peptides, Retinol, Vitamin C and an SPF of 30 or above. • Add a multi-benefit eye treatment with Retinol and peptides to treat lines, puffiness and dark shadows. see a pro Get a zone-by-zone skin analysis to keep your regimen up-to-date. Pair home care skin aging products with professional microcurrent treatments. Skin will still produce a good amount of sebum (oil) and will have a healthy cell turnover of about every 28 days. Breakouts may still be an issue, and you might start seeing fine lines. Step up exfoliation to resurface as skin renewal slows, and start to feed skin with age-fighting ingredients!

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