Bioelements Kerafole purifies, revitalizes and improves the skin's texture. Citric and malic acids exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Algae hydrates as chamomile and orange oils calm and soothe the skin.                                 

Kerafole (2.5 fl oz.)

  • Ideal for these Concerns: Large Pores
    Ideal for these Skin Types: Acne-Prone Skin, Normal Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Oily Skin, Mature Skin, Sensitive Skin
    Ingredient: Vitamin E, Malic Acid, Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Alpha Hydroxy Acids
    Skin Care: Treatments and Serums
    Application Area: Face
    Treatments and Serums: Face Mask
    Preferences: Dermatologist Approved, Certified Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free
    Ratings: 5 Star Rating